haxelib install checkstyle


To see all the options available run the following command.

haxelib run checkstyle
Haxe Checkstyle v2.5.0
[-s | --source] <path>    : Set source path to process (multiple allowed)
[-c | --config] <path>    : Set config file (default: checkstyle.json)
[-e | --exclude] <path>   : Set exclude file (default: checkstyle-exclude.json)
[-r | --reporter] <name>  : Set reporter (xml, json or text, default: text)
[-p | --path] <path>      : Set reporter output path
[-x | --xslt] <style>     : Set reporter style (XSLT)
[--checkerthreads] <num>  : Sets the number of checker threads
[--default-config] <path> : Generate a default config and exit
[--detect] <path>         : Try to detect your coding style (experimental)
[--exitcode]              : Return number of failed checks in exitcode
[--list-checks]           : List all available checks and exit
[--list-reporters]        : List all available reporters and exit
[--nostyle]               : Omit styling in output summary
[--nothreads]             : Do not use checker threads
[--progress]              : Show percentage progress
[--show-missing-checks]   : Show checks missing from active config
[--show-parser-errors]    : Adds error messages for files that checkstyle fails to parse


The default configuration can be found here.

It’s recommended to define your own set of rules based on the needs of your project.

The library will automatically look for checkstyle.json at root level where all the rules and excludes can be defined.

The default severity for all checks can be defined using defaultSeverity property and can be overridden for each check as shown below.

You can inherit a checkstyle configuration by using extendsConfigPath to point to a parent checkstyle json file. (available since 2.3.0)

The following is a sample checkstyle.json with 2 rules.

    "defaultSeverity": "INFO",
    "extendsConfigPath": "parentCheckstyle.json",
    "checks": [
            "type": "EmptyLines",
            "props": {
                "max": 1
            "type": "FileLength",
            "props": {
                "severity": "WARNING",
                "max": 2000

Automatically detect your coding style (available since 2.3.0)

Checkstyle can try to detect your coding style if you run it with --detect <path> (Warning: will overwrite <path>). e.g.:

haxelib run checkstyle -s src --detect myCheckstyle.json

see Automatic detection of coding style

Running Checkstyle

haxelib run checkstyle -s src

Multiple source folders can be defined as shown below:

haxelib run checkstyle -s src -s samples

Exclude Packages/Classes/Code fragments

see Excluding code from checkstyle